Forensic DNA Analysis: A Laboratory Manual

by J. Thomas McClintock, Ph.D.

CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, Boca Raton, FL

An introductory text, Forensic DNA Analysis: A Laboratory Manual presents a contextual history and overview of the science and use of DNA typing. Logically organized, with clear, concise language, this manual provides a fundamental understanding of forensic DNA analysis and a thorough background in the techniques used to determine an individual’s identity. Students are provided with a sound working knowledge of the investigative methodology, scientific principles, and the analysis and interpretation of the resulting DNA profiles. 

After laying a foundation on the rules of the laboratory, the basic scientific principles, and the types of biological materials, such as hair, blood, and bone, this practical, hands-on manual provides twelve (12) exercises outlining techniques commonly used in forensic DNA typing. Designed to be performed in a typical laboratory setting, the experiments cover DNA extraction, concentration, and assessment; DNA analysis using restriction fragment length polymorphisms; polymerase chain reaction (PCR)-based typing tests (e.g., short tandem repeat analysis); and mitochondrial DNA analysis. Many of the procedures described have been adapted from methods used in federal, state, and private forensic laboratories and are suitable to a wide range of applications. There is also an extensive glossary for DNA typing terminology and basic terms used in molecular biology.

Instilling confidence, analytical clarity, and a sense of curiosity, this comprehensive introduction is the perfect tool for grasping the techniques and applications of forensic DNA analysis and exploring the questions and issues involved in forensic science investigations.

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1.  Presents protocols for performing DNA analyses

2.  Utilizes a clear accessible approach

3.  Describes experiments performed in any         laboratory

4.  Provides exercises adaptable for genetic analysis

5.  Includes a glossary of forensic DNA testing             and general molecular biology terminology


ISBN 9781420063295 - CAT #63294

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