Procedures for Paternity Testing

Parentage testing is performed by collecting buccal swabs of your mouth from the mother, the child, and the possible father. Testing is based on genetic information that is passed on from the parents to their children. In cases where the alleged father is unavailable for testing, partial pedigree analysis can be conducted using DNA samples from the parents of the alleged father. If necessary, samples from siblings of the alleged father can be used.

Collection of Samples

Using a simple buccal swab collection procedure (scrapings from the inside of your mouth), samples are collected by your own physician or at a local laboratory convenient to you. Collection of the buccal swabs can be arranged anywhere in the United States or abroad. Arrangements should be made with your physician or a local laboratory to collect the sample for analysis. If the results from the paternity tests are not being used in a court of law the samples can be collected individually in the privacy of your home. Once DNA Diagnostics, Inc. receives a name and address we will forward a Sample Collection Kit along with complete instructions to you, the laboratory, or your physician.

After the buccal swabs have been collected the "swabs" containing the cheek cells are placed inside the properly labeled envelope along with the Information Sheet and Payment. Seal the cardboard envelope, and the samples are now ready for return shipment to DNA Diagnostics, Inc.

Required Information

  1. The full name of each individual being tested.
  2. The date of birth for each individual being tested.
  3. The name, address, and phone number of your physician or local laboratory collecting the sample(s).
  4. The name, address, and a phone number for the contact person or specified representative in your case.


Paternity testing is, by its nature, a PRIVATE MATTER. DNA Diagnostics, Inc. handles testing in a highly confidential manner. Our policy dictates that once arrangements are made for testing, we will only acknowledge or divulge status information to the individuals being tested in a case, their specified representative, or to a minor’s guardian. Unless the individual can verify their identity as a party to the case, no information will be available by telephone until the test report has been completed and mailed to the specified parties. Any other communication must be in writing and must include copies of the documented identification provided at the time DNA samples were collected.


The cost for a basic DNA paternity case varies according to the number of people tested. Any costs incurred for sample collection are separate and must be paid by the individuals whose samples are being collected. Unless payment in full is received with the samples, DNA Diagnostics, Inc. is under no obligation to proceed with testing.

For more information or to begin the DNA testing process, please contact us by email ( or by phone at (703) 927-9090.